The Khan Academy

This Salman Khan deserves to be called a hero. Terrific educational videos. (Via Prashant.)

By Amit Varma in Science and technology

Sow No Panic

Elisabeth Rosenthal has some good Swine-Flu advice. (Via Griff.)

By Amit Varma in Miscellaneous

The Postman Joins Gatsby

Check out Norman Mailer’s ten favourite American novels.

By Amit Varma in Arts and entertainment

Chop Chop Square

Adam St. Patrick goes to a routine beheading. (Via Arun.)

By Amit Varma in Miscellaneous

Attach bacon to your hard-drive

And other ways to use BACON to make your life incredible and amazing

By Sanjeev Naik in The good life

Mutton Glutton

John Waters’ home and..

.. his collection of “vintage knick-knacks, fab furnishings, collectible art, one-of-a-kind porn, and plastic food” and LOTS of books!

By Sanjeev Naik in BlogsThe good life

Writers who never “shed their leaves”

Dick Cavett talks to Cheever & Updike - Oct 14, 1981. (Earlier post.)

By Sanjeev Naik in Arts and entertainment

‘A Nuclear-Armed Afghanistan’

That’s what Pakistan can become, warns Patrick French. (Via Nikhil Mehra.)

By Amit Varma in Politics


Orhan Pamuk on his “Turkish Library” and “buying books, as if to take revenge on the life I was fleeing.”

By Sanjeev Naik in Arts and entertainment

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